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About Us

Perennialmarket.com is a division of Gary’s Perennials, LLC, serving professional growers and landscapers by offering a full range of high quality plugs at the lowest possible price. We've streamlined the work of sourcing and ordering by offering plants from many of the best growers in the country. You will find a remarkable depth of variety, from classic favorites to the scarce and rare. Our plants are conveniently organized into separate lists of ferns, grasses, perennials and shrubs for quick and easy reference. Plug sizes range from 18's to 288's.

You can order by e-mail, phone, fax or online. We ship nationwide by UPS or FedEx and your order is usually shipped within one week.

We are dedicated to finding you the plants you need - in excellent condition and on time.

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PerennialMarket.com was founded in 2005 by Gary & Andrea Steinberg, professional landscapers since 1979 and owners of Gary's Perennials. While Gary's Perennials offers a select group of perennials, chosen for their popularity, interest and value; PerennialMarket.com, extends the offering to cover a vast array of perennials, natives, ornamental grasses, ferns, shrubs and vines.

PerennialMarket.com has satisfied clients across North America. Some of the sites where our plants can be found include: Historic Kent Manor, MD; Lagoon Amusement Park, UT; Midwein Tallgrass Prairie, IL; The Philadelphia Zoo, PA; Battery Park, NY; Winterthur Museum & Gardens, DE; Chanticleer Garden, PA; Morris Arboretum, PA; Longwood Gardens, PA; The Supreme Court, DC; Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail, and many more.

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